Become a Functional Medicine Patient

Cornerstone Health Community is a unique primary care and functional medicine practice where your health transformation is our shared goal.

One of CHC’s hallmarks is the strong patient and healthcare team partnership.  It is a central element in achieving optimal health.

Collaborative care plans are built through dialogue, in-depth assessments, advanced diagnostic tools and functional medicine solutions.  Extended office visits and interactive patient education sessions create the powerful learning spaces and support needed for optimal health to flourish.

This is an important commitment — so we have carefully designed a three step process to guide and solidify a lasting health partnership with your goals in mind:


Attend a New Patient Orientation. Our 30 minute “meet and greet” covers the unique functional health foundation, advanced diagnostic solutions and flexible care delivery models of the practice. The aim is to meet each other and to introduce the integrative ways we as a practice and community can partner with you to best meet your personal health goals.


Complete a digital health storyboard.  This is unlike anything you have experienced in a medical survey.  You are guided online through a multi-faceted series of questions.  Upon completion, a visual matrix and comprehensive personal health and lifestyle timeline is created. This visually interactive health story informs all parties of your journey including pressing health concerns and underlying chronic health themes.  It serves as the launch pad of the partnership.

If you are also a new patient to Cornerstone Health Community, please also complete our New Patient Forms in order to establish yourself for care from our office.

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Schedule an Optimal Health Strategy Assessment.  Your 60 minute, Optimal Health Strategy Assessment with Dr. Mote entails: a detailed discussion of your health story and medical records, a comprehensive blood test and physical exam. Throughout the encounter, essential treatment and lifestyle elements will be discussed and underscored.  At the end, a clear and strategic pathway to health optimization will be established.  Commitment is crucial.



Craft a Signature Health Partnership. Your season of life is unique. Your health goals are unique. Some seasons are wellness oriented and few interventions are needed.  Great!  Consider us your general Family Medicine Home/PCP.

Other health seasons feel “stuck” and confusing. These seasons require a deeper and more focused engagement accompanied by a specialized suite of services.  We are ready!  Our goal is to get you back to feeling well again.

Like a stick shift in a manual transmission car, we work together to craft a signature health partnership geared for your particular health status- today.

Trust, flexibility, clarity and commitment.  That is our signature health partnership!