Group Health Visits

Chronic Diseases At Epidemic Levels

No one can argue that there is an epidemic of chronic disease in our country.

Diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and autoimmunity are increasing at alarming rates. And most of this is attributed in studies to poor lifestyle choices: lack of sleep and exercise, excessive stress and poor nutrition head the list.

Compounding this is that the typical physician office visit is usually brief, between 10-15 minutes in most cases.

This simply does not leave enough time to determine the lifestyle choices that are most relevant to a patient’s health concerns AND to provide the necessary education to change habits that will restore and maintain excellent health.

So how do we improve our quality of life, reverse chronic diseases and reduce the numbers of medications we are taking?

One answer to this question, that is paramount to transforming our patient’s health, is the group medical appointment or Group Health Visit.

What Is A Group Health Visit?

A Group Health Visit at Cornerstone Health Community consists of 10 – 16 patients gathered in our community room to discuss one topic related to health transformation such as sleep, nutrition, weight loss, or stress reduction.

We also have group visits to review deeper medical topics like hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal disorders, and even to review results of Functional Medical Testing.

What Can You Expect?

Each Group Health Visit consists of 30-45 min of teaching by one or our physicians or staff members and is then followed by 45-60 min of questions and moderated group discussion. The amount of usable information that is shared is hard to believe until it is experienced.

This 90-100 minute Group Health Visit is equivalent to 3 or more one-on-one office visits and is billable to your health insurance.

The Group Health Visit is one of the principal methods of transforming your health at Cornerstone Health Community, PC.

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